Welcome to the Eximius Blog

Welcome to the Eximius Blog, our very first post this morning. You may ask ‘what is a blog?’ Well, it’s a combination of two words, web and log and is basically an on-line diary. To receive salacious gossip from a personal hand written diary would make juicy reading but you won’t find that here. However, what you will find is information about what we are up to, and our service, as well as snippets on what is current in the world of healthcare and live-in support. Our aim is to keep it light and easy to read, I don’t think anyone really wants to wade through weighty tomes on a blog. Each post will be about 500 words long, that’s half a page of A4 and updated at least every fortnight.

Please feel free to comment and interact with us through the blog. You may be looking for a care service, looking for a job or receiving support at home and wondering what having a carer live-in with you would be like. In any event, don’t wonder for long. Give us a call. We will always guide you in the right direction for making the best choice.

Best wishes

Alison on behalf of us all at Eximius