Older People’s Home Care At Risk

Homecare was in the news again yesterday. The United Kingdom Homecare Association (UKHCA), of which Eximius is a member, published a report – Homecare Deficit 2016. This highlighted the home care funding deficit of £513 million in the UK. The findings provided evidence of genuine risk to the viability of state funded homecare, where the people who rely on the services are being short changed by councils. There are also serious implications for recruiting and retaining homecare workers who are essential for effective home-based care.

There is increasing recognition that home-based care should be the solution to meeting people’s care needs, rather than being treated in hospital or any residential care facility. Who would want to move house at a time of vulnerability, such as having been ill, or living with a condition such as dementia? You might wonder if moving house accurately describes going to a care home or into respite care, but think about it. There is a commonly held belief that moving house is one of the most stressful life events we face, its right up there with getting a new job, or even experiencing the break-up of a relationship. Now imagine feeling frail, perhaps lonely, or needing support and companionship. Would you now feel like moving into a new residence? Yes, there would be carers, and a roof over your head, meals are provided and medical needs are met. But, would you miss friends and family popping around to see you? How about all those lovely heirlooms, family treasures, ornaments or even nick-nacks left at home? Then there’s home cooked meals. Those familiar sights, sounds and smells would all be gone. Yes, these are all factors that contribute to the realisation that residential care isn’t necessarily going to meet the needs of an individual and their family.

Here at Eximius we provide high quality bespoke live-in care. Each carer is carefully vetted to ascertain their level of experience and that they are suitably trained to meet your care needs as well as providing companionship and other light duties around the home. We work closely with all involved to provide a truly bespoke service.

Sadly, the councils are paying low rates to care workers and as they purchase around 80% of all homecare in the UK, this is highly significant. At Eximius we value the contribution of our support companions. They receive all statutory training and supervision to ensure our high standards are met. In addition, they receive a highly competitive rate of pay and outstanding performance (as rated by the client) is rewarded.

If you’re still unsure about whether home care is for you, please give us a call at Eximius. We’re ready to answer any questions that you may have.