About Eximius

Helping others to live their lives to the fullest

Eximius was founded by Kate Hetzel in 2016. Her vision for Eximius was to support complicated care needs, the focus is on our clients’ lives, what they love doing, their hobbies, their interests and with Eximius support companions ensuring that they receive the exceptional help people need in order to enable them to live their lives to the fullest.

Kate was inspired by her mother to set up Eximius and deliver an altogether superior service. Her mother is wonderfully spirited, sophisticated and fiercely independent, despite being 80 years old with a floundering memory. She’s the yardstick against which Kate measures the service we provide and the reason she believes that everyone should be able to stay in their homes, living the happiest and most independent lives they can.

Meet the team


“For the past 13 years I’ve seen the enormous positive impact live-in support has on people’s lives. Following a 16 year career in sales and marketing, I started a care franchise in 2002 and one of my first ever clients needed a live-in carer. Since then, it has always been a passion of mine.

I operated the business for 13 years, employing over 100 carers, and had more than 350 clients at any one time. Our clients came from all walks of life and needed different specialised care. Whether recuperating from a spell in hospital or hindered by a long-term condition or disability, giving them the support they needed at home in familiar surroundings near friends and family couldn’t be beaten. It’s why I am so passionate about live-in support. It is important to keep your loved one in their home surroundings. I look forward to welcoming you.

We are a bespoke live-in care company. Unlike other companies, we meet all our clients and are committed to ensuring our companions live by the culture and service levels I have set. I want all our clients to be delighted by our service and ensure they are treated with dignity and respect.”

“I am passionate about making a difference to the lives of others. I began my career as a care worker over 20 years ago, having been bought up in a family where everyone was either a doctor or a nurse.

I began as a domiciliary worker, and worked in various areas, such as mental health, stroke care, dementia care and end of life. I moved into care recruitment, enabling me to hone my skills in matching carers to clients. I eventually managed live-in care and continuing health, working with nurses and carers for clients with spinal injuries, head injuries, MS and other conditions.

Being given the opportunity to turn my aptitude for caring for others into a career has allowed me to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Gaining the necessary knowledge and experience to perform a more involved role in a managing capacity has motivated me to continue working and learning to the same high standard and allowed me to make an even greater difference to the lives of our service users.

I joined Eximius in 2018 as a Care Manager, as I was looking for a company which shared my vision and ethos for exceptional live-in care.”

Care Manager

“I joined Eximius in May 2019 as the Office Manager. I have 4 years of experience in working within the Care Industry as a Business Support Manager for Residential Care.

I love the variety of my job with Eximius and really enjoy the relationships I build with the clients and their families. My main focus is ensuring we match the best companions to our clients and to ensure all their wishes are met to exceptional level.

My role within Eximius is to the run the office and deal with daily rotas, annual leave, care worker availability and general enquiries. I am the main point of contact for the team and our customers and their families.”

“I joined Eximius in 2017 having been a receptionist on a part time basis in a Doctors surgery, whilst raising my daughters. While there I trained for a diploma in health care, assisting with phlebotomy, minor surgery, health checks, blood pressures, family planning clinics, diabetic clinics, dressings and child immunisation along with the practice nurse. This fuelled my interest in caring for people in a clinical setting.

In 2017 my mother was sadly diagnosed with Vascular dementia and passed away later that year. During that time I learnt a huge amount about dementia and also the way it affects family members trying to cope with arranging care and their own emotions.

If I had known about the excellent care provided by Eximius whilst my mum was alive, I would have not hesitated in using them to help look after her.”

Recruitment & Training


Jo Barnett
RN- Bsc- Dip (HE)

Care & Safeguarding Clinical Consultant

“From nearly 30 years in the care sector I have demonstrated a strong passion to support care providers across the health and social care sectors.

With a proven track record of facilitating the delivery of high quality care on a national scale, as well as board level roles in acute and community organisations; it has given me the opportunity to gain extensive experience in a broad number of portfolios including Older people, Safeguarding children and adults, Continuing Healthcare Continuous Quality Improvement, commissioning, project management and training.

 Together with a passion for delivering safe, quality care, a wealth of clinical experience and a BA Honours degree in healthcare management. I have a proven track record of strategic planning, quality improvement, workforce planning, recruitment and retention that met both Local and National Governance outcomes.

Being part of Eximius live-in care allows me to be part of a high-quality company who share my values. I will be helping with clinical reviews and offering clinical advice for complex cases. I will also be there safeguarding lead and support with training. I am excited at the opportunities ahead.”

Care Quality Commission (CQC) report

Summary of report

Updated 14 June 2017

This inspection took place on 24 May 2017. It was an announced visit to the service.

This was the first inspection since the provider registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to provide personal care to people. The service supported people who lived in their own homes. At the time of the inspection five people were supported with live-in staff known as support companions.

At the time of the inspection there was no registered manager in post. A registered manager is a person who has registered with the Care Quality Commission to manage the service. Like registered providers, they are ‘registered persons’. Registered persons have legal responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and associated Regulations about how the service is run. The previous registered manager de-registered in April 2017. The service had appointed a new manager and they had submitted an application to CQC to become the registered manager.

We received lots of positive feedback from people we contacted. There was an overriding theme that the care provided to people by staff had had a positive impact on people’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. We were informed health had improved and some people had returned to activities they had not attended for some time.

We received feedback that staff were exceptionally kind and caring. One relative told us “My mother needed to attend a hospital appointment and I had arranged to meet [name of support worker] outside. When I went inside to meet my mother, she was sitting in the café. For a split second I did not recognise her. She was smartly turned out, hair done.” The relative went on to say why that was particularly important. They told us prior to the introduction of the support worker their mother had been neglecting herself and was often seen in an unkempt state. They told us their mother had always been interested in clothes and fashion and had always previously taken pride in their appearance. It was clear the staffs’ intervention had supported the person to regain their dignity and pride in her appearance. We received lots of other examples of how caring staff were.

The service had an experienced management team in place. The managing director was integral to the running of the service. They were affiliated to a number of business networks which promoted new ideas in the industry, drove improvements and developments for people supported by Eximius.

There was a clear vision by all staff to provide a person centred service which aimed to enable and empower people to live the life they choose. This was supported by what a relative told us, “The company stood out from the start, the response I got from the moment the phone was answered by Kate Hetzel was stratospherically way above the other companies I had spoken with.”

Staff were recruited through a robust system and people were involved in handpicking their own support worker.

Staff were fully aware of how to promote people’s safety and told us they would report any concerns to the office. Staff and relatives told us they had confidence in the office to deal with any concerns raised.